Workplace Surveillance

Who needs surveillance in the workplace?

It's hard to imagine a business that doesn't need to keep track of employees, inventory, customer interaction, or just to satisfy your own curiosity if you're at home or out of town.

Having a workplace surveillance system allows you to capture and record key events that can occur at your place of business. It also keys you in to the behavior of employees when you're away. And of course, a break in or internal theft will be recorded and can be used as evidence or to help police capture the burglar.

How confident are you of what happens when your back is turned or you're not there at all?

Some key things to think about that a workplace surveillance system can help you with:

o Are employees doing what you expect of them?
o Do they come in on time or leave early?
o How much time do they spend on their cell phones or surfing the net?
o Has inventory coming up missing?
o Are delivery guys actually delivering what you are paying for?
o Are customers being greeted and taken care the way you want them to be?

All of these things can cost you money in lost sales or lost time!

Surveillance in the workplace is simply good business. If you're not keeping track of what happens in the workplace when you're not there, then you are probably losing money.

In many instances, simply having a surveillance system in place will deter employees from wrongdoing. Once in place though, employees will soon forget about it and continue on as they normally do. You must "check in" on them and see how things are going. You may be surprised.

A workplace surveillance system can come with as few or as many cameras as you need. They are tied into a central DVR or computer station that records all events and allows you to view the cameras over the internet. This capability alone give you the flexibility to do other important things such as going on business trips while allowing you to look in on your place of business. Another feature that come standard is motion detection. This means that only when there is movement within the camera's view will it record. Saves valuable hard drive space. You can even set it up to send you an email when there is a specified alert. You can then see what's going on and take appropriate action.

Check out all our complete systems for workplace surveillance. If you need help in choosing your system, we're happy to help with that as well. And don't forget that set up is a breeze. Once you have positioned all your cameras and connected them the DVR, we can even help you remotely configure the computer to have the exact set up that you want. Workplace surveillance is simply smart business!



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