Table Clock Hidden Camera

Table Clock Cam


This small LED table multifunction alarm clock records video and audio to the mini DVR inside the clock. It records to a micro SD card and runs on a Lithium battery.

The battery will run for about 12 hours before it needs to be recharged. The video quality is amazing 1280x960 at 30 frames per second off this tiny little camera hidden in the clock.

It is very easy to operate with the remote control provided.

The DVR has a motion detection feature so video will only record when there is movement in the viewing area. The wide viewing angle 140° helps give you more coverage than most hidden cameras.

This table clock is small and portable; you can take it just about anywhere.

Specifications: Camcorder pixels: 1280×960, 30fps, 5mega pixels, Lens: CMOS ¼, Format: JPG,AVI,WAV, Support Micro SD Memory:1-32GB, USB: 2.0, Li-Battery: Working 12 hours battery:2400mHA,

Includes: Clock Camera, Remote Control, USB Cable, Power Adaptor, Rechargeable Battery, User Manual, and 8GB SD Card

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