DVR Hidden Cameras

So, if you have ever experienced, or are worried about, confusing, frustrating, ready to pull your hair out instructions on setting up a hidden can now let go of your hair! Our nanny cams with built in DVR's are a SNAP to set up!

Any of these spy cameras can be used for just about any situation; keep an eye on a nanny or babysitter, a room-mate, even employees or co-workers. Do you have teenagers that are too old for a babysitter? Are you experiencing theft in your home or at your business? Any of these products will help you observe and monitor each of these examples!

Now, It's Easier Than Ever to Set Up Your
Own Home or Office Surveillance System!

Each DVR camera has everything you need to start your surveillance almost as soon as you get it out of the box. It's just about as simple as plugging it in and hitting record. You do not need a professional installer to set up any of these DVR Hidden Cameras. There is no other confusing equipment or wires to connect - these hidden cameras are ready to use right away!

That's it! How much more simple can it get?

Each of the items in this category are common, every day, household items - you can't get any more discreet than that. In addition, these products are built with an internal DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that features: motion activated and scheduled recording, motion detection area masking, time and date stamp, high, medium, and low recording options, remote control operation, MPEG4 file format and composite video out.

We also offer technical support if you run into any issues while setting up. Once you receive your product, if you need any help, just contact us - we are happy to help!

All you have to do is place your hidden camera
where it can see your target area and plug it in.


These are the best on the market if you are looking for very discreet and easy to set up equipment. There is no need for any external recording device, because there is one already built right in with the hidden camera. These are so simple to set up that even a KID can do it!

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