Wireless Nanny Cameras

You can find hidden cameras in almost anything these days. Hidden cameras are so small they are virtually invisible to a naked eye.

Whatever it is that you need to protect or whoever you need to catch in the act...

One of our many hidden cameras will fit your needs.

All the hidden cameras below are hand crafted in the USA. They are easy to use and involve minimum, if any installation. Covert cameras can be used to ensure peace of mind and the safety of your family and business. Prevent employee, housekeeper or roommate theft and keep your eye on property and children by using hidden video surveillance cameras.

Cameras do not record onto themselves. You must use a recording device such as your VCR or recordable DVD in order to record the video. Please check our FAQs for how these types of products work.

The models on this page are wireless that come with a receiver you must plug into your TV, DVD Player, or computer. If you want the simpler self recording ones, go to self recording hidden cameras.

A hidden camera can be viewed over the internet. You can watch your children and see how they're treated. You can watch your business from your home. You can see what the camera sees from anywhere in the world. You connect the camera or wireless receiver to your computer and install surveillance software.

We're sure you'll find just the camera you'll need. They are very portable...easily moved from room to room or place to place.

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